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Supplies Needed
I have used the Beautiful Artwork of Keith Garveys you can buy his Tubes from PSP Tubes Emporium
This Tube was bought with MPT Licence...
Scrapkit is PTU Called Red Riding Hood you can buy from Dreams-N-Digital
Designers website is Addictive Pleasures Thanks Tamie
Stamp Mask you can get from LivvyB Designz just save image as
((((Please leave her a Thank you))))....
Thanks Livvy ..
Font of Choice

Lets Begin:
Open new canvas 600x600 then flood fill white
Open the Triple frame from the kit and copy and paste onto new canvas no resize needed
Open paper 5 shrink for now...Grab magic wand click inside the frame all 3 boxes
Got to selections modify expand by 2
Now copy and paste paper into selection Keep selected and copy and paste part of your Tube into one of the sections on new layer
 erase the parts you don't want by highlighting the tube in layer  palette go to selections Invert delete.
 then lower the opacity to 50% 
You can merge the frame paper and tube visible.. Drop shadow at 5  5  50  5 black
Open Paper 5 again copy and paste as new  layer open Stamp Mask shrink it
go to  Layers New Mask Image then look for the stamp mask 
make sure invert unchecked.. then merge group
Now move that layer below the frame layer and erase the middle parts of the mask see above at mine and arrange the mask as I have.

Open Grass from the kit and resize at 50% copy and paste at bottom corner like  mine
Duplicate until you have 6 of them and arrange them in pairs arrange like mine
do the same with the Blossoms same resize....then merge all those down
Copy and pate your Tube again above the grass and blossoms like  mine then Drop shadow as above
Open the Wolf resize at 50% then copy and paste as you wish,
Open the Tag resize at 40% then copy and paste onto top of one of the sections
Open Butterflies then resize at 50% then copy and paste as you wish
Open Ribbon Bow resize at 50% then copy and paste at top over the Tag..
Open Basket resize at 50% then open  the apple resize that at 50% twice then Duplicate twice more.
merge apples down.... Duplicate the Basket
then place one at top one in between the apples then erase the part around the apples so it looks like they are inside the basket.
Drop Shadow all Elements as above...

Merge all.
Add Copyrights to your work
and save as PNG:

Tutorials done in PSP 9....

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial.
Written by Shaz 2011
((This Tutorial is Written By Me Any Resemblence to any other is purely Coincidental.))


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