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Supplies Needed:
I have used the beautiful Artwork of Elias Chatzoudis you can buy from PSP Tubes Emporium
I bought this  Tube with the MPT Licence

Scrapkit is FTU Called Witches Den you can download it from Designs by Vaybs  Thanks Vaybs

Template 130 you can download from Punkybutts Thanks Punky

Font Of Choice:

Lets Begin:

Open Template you downloaded from Punky

Delete the 2 top layers

Highlight the Purple squares in layers palette grab magic wand then click inside the squares

Open paper 11 then copy and paste into selection select none

Highlight the Circle do as above but use paper 8

Highlight your left and right square do as above but use paper 4

Highlight the middle square do as above but use paper 10

Leave all outer frames white

Highlight your rectangle flood fill black.

Highlight one of your squares and go to selections select all float and defloat

then copy and paste your tube as new layer get the head part in the square then highlight

the tube go to selections Invert delete..

Copy your Tube again above the rectangle then drop shadow.

Open the fire Element resize at 50% then copy and paste in the middle square

Copy and paste the spider in the middle of the circle

Open flowers resize at 50% then copy and paste above the rectangle layer

go to selections invert delete.

Open the Lanterns duplicate resize at 50% copy and paste at each end of the template

Open the Birds or the Bats do as above resize 50%

Merge all visible

Drop Shadow all 5 5 50 5 black..

Add Copyrights to your Tag

Save as PNG:

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial.
Written by Shazladyuk 2011

((This Tutorial is Written By Me Any Resemblence to any other is purely Coincidental.))


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