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Supplies Needed:
I have used a Tube of Keith Garvey  that was Gifted  in the Xmas Gifts from PTE 
you can buy the Tubes from PTE
Scrapkit is PTU Called Christmas Time 2 you can buy from Dreams-N-Digital
Designers Website is Addictive Pleasure Thanks Tamie.
Template 17 you can download from Addictive Templates set 16-20 xmas

Lets Begin

Open the Template you downloaded earlier
Duplicate Shift+D  then close original
Delete the top layer .
Highlight the Rectangle in layers palette and grab magic wand then click
inside the template until you have marching ants then copy and paste paper 7 into selection

Highlight the Oval shape at the front and do as above but use paper 1 instead.

Now Highlight your Back oval and open your choice of tube this works better with a close up tube
copy and paste your tube as new layer above the oval layer then resize to fit
then click the tube in layers palette go to selections invert delete select none
Lower the opacity to 60%

Copy and paste your Tube again twice more like I have then drop shadow at 
5 5 50 5 black.

You can Drop Shadow all the Glitter Strips as above..

Now for the Elements

Open the Holly and resize at 50% then place that at bottom bar then duplicate Image Mirror

Open Bells 3 resize at 50% then copy and paste as I have then duplicate Image Mirror

Open the Candy Cane resize at 50% then copy and paste as you wish

Open the Presents resize at 50% place as you wish

I resize the Teddy to fit into the Tag also

Tag resized to 50%

You can Drop shadow all the Elements as above.

Then Merge all Visible

Add all Copyrights to your work

Save as PNG:

Written in PSP 9
By SharonsTutorials

((This Tutorial is Written By Me Any Resemblence to any other is purely Coincidental.))


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