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Supplies Needed
I have Used a Poser Tube for this One Called Fairy Yellow ( 7  Tubes Included ) 
You can buy these lovely posers at Heartbeatz Creationz 
Designer is Elisa_Design
Scrapkit is PTU Called Spring Fairy you can buy the kit from Heartbeatz Creationz
 Designer is DitzyDezigns..Thanks to both Designers.

Lets Begin.
Open new canvas 650 x 650 leave transparent or flood fill white,
Open Frame 3 from the scrapkit and copy and paste onto new canvas
move it slightly to one side and duplicate the frame
arrange the frame as I have so its interlocking
you need to use your eraser tool and take off the part of the frame
thats inside one one them then merge down.

Open Paper 8 from the kit
New layer 
now grab magic wand then click inside both frames then until you see marching ants
go to selections modify expand by 5
now copy and paste your paper into selection select none,
move that layer below the frame layer ,
Now open tube of choice then sit her on the bottom frame piece as I have

Drop shadow the frame and the tube setting below
do same to all elements as we go along...

now you can merge down all those.

Open from the kit items below

Potted flower 1
Grass x 2
Butterfly 2
Bow 1 and 3
Bee 1 and 2
Bubbles 2

You can add all elements as you wish
I resized to my choice with the deform tool as the sizes were not too big to use,
I only resized the kitten and the 2 Bows..

I added the grass below the tube like she was sitting on it and the same with the kitten.

Once you done all that 
Add Copyrights to your work
Save as PNG:

All work is done on PSP 9

((This tutorial was written by me anything that is similar or same is purely coincidental.))


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