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Supplies Needed :
I have used an older Tube of Keith Garvey  you can buy the Tubes HERE
Scrapkit is PTU Called Americana you can purchase this beautiful kit at Heartbeatz Creationz
Designer is Karen of Sweet Occassions Designs
Font Is PTU Called PackardClipperNF

Lets Begin:
Open up PSP 
Open New Raster Layer 650 x 650 Transparent
Open the scrapkit and open 
Frame 2 copy and paste onto new canvas and resize at 40% 
Now Open your choice of Tube and I used the background colour from the tube
to colour the background in the frame
You need to Click inside the frame go to selections modify expand by 5 then copy and paste
the colour onto new layer and move that below the frame

Now copy and paste the tube below the frame layer
Duplicate the frame place the tube in between the two frames
and erase the top part of the frame so the head is outside and do the same at the bottom part.

Now you can drop shadow the tube at 
Now merge all visible and drop shadow again.

Now Decorate with the Elements below
Open up
Daisy one resize at 20%
Hat 1 resize at 30%
Bow 1..2..and 3 resize at 30% place as I have on top of each other.
Flag at 25%
Star Doodle 1 and 2 resize at 50% duplicate flip merge down
then Duplicate then Mirror move below the frame as I have.

I then placed some star trails on the blue background resized at 20%

Drop shadow all elements as above.

Merge all visible

Add all Copyrights to your work

Save as PNG

Done in PSP 9
Written By shazladyuk 2013

This Tutorial is written by me any resemblence to any other is purely coincidental.


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