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Supplies Needed:

I have used a Beautiful  Tube of Barbara Jensen which is an Exclusive at SATC
Or you can buy her other Artwork at Eroticartistgallery
Scrapkit I have used is Called Demon Beauty you can buy from Dreams-N-Digital
Designers Website is Addictive Pleasures Thanks Tamie
Font Of Choice

Lets Begin:
Open New Canvas 700 x 700 Raster and Transparent Layer
you can resize it down later if you wish.

Open Frame then copy and paste onto canvas resize 90%
Now grab magic wand then click inside all the squares until you have marching ants
go to selections modify expand by 5 then new layer
and copy and paste paper 10 into selection select none.
move that paper layer below the frame layer.

Now copy and paste your Tube as I have then Drop shadow settings below
5 5 50 5 Black

Also drop shadow the frame.
Merge down the frame and the paper.

Open the Orange Net and copy and paste at corner below frame
duplicate till you have 3 more and place them at each corner

Open the Rose resize at 50% then copy and paste as you wish
duplicate till you have 3 of them then arrange so they are together then merge down
Duplicate then place where you wish.

Open the Scroll resize at 80% then copy and paste as you wish

Open the Demon Sign resize at 40% then copy and paste as you wish.

Open Bow 4 resize at 50% then copy and paste on frame corner

Open the Bats resize at 50% then place as you wish

Open the Winged Fly resize at 60% twice then copy and paste as new layer as you wish.

You can drop shadow all elements as above..

Merge all visible

Add Copyrights to your work

Save as PNG: or JPEG:

written in PSP 9

((This Tutorial is Written By Me Any Resemblence to any other is purely Coincidental.))


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