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Supplies Needed:

I Have used  the  Artwork of Elias Chatzoudis you can buy his Tubes from PSP  Tubes Emporium
I have this with the MPT Licence.
Scrapkit is PTU Called Flower Garden you can buy this Kit from Twilight Scraps 
Designers Website is Joy Designs
Template 37 you can download free  from Wildcreationz  Thanks Cheri
Font Of Choice

Lets Begin:
Open the Template and then Duplicate Shift+D then close original
You can use your own choice of papers to fill the Template or go with mine below.
Highlight the Large shape at the back grab your magic wand then click inside the Template
and copy and paste paper 10 into selection select none
Highlight the Back Rectangle do as above but use paper 12 into selection
Highlight the Front square do as above but use paper 7 into selection select none
Open Tube of choice and resize the Tube to fit above that last paper layer once you have
the parts you want then Highlight the square again in layers palette go to selections select all float defloat
Highlight your Tube now and go to Invert Delete then select none.
That will take off any parts you don't need.. then lower the Opacity to 50%
Now you can Drop Shadow the Back Template with settings at 10 10 50 5 black
Drop Shadow the Yellow paper and the Orange paper at 5 5 50 5 black
Also do the Dots same....
You can do the Circles with a pink paper as above I chose the Butterfly Element and did what I did with the Tube
Then Drop shadow at 5 5 50 5 black
Open the Tube again what you are using and place it above all layers then drop shadow as we go along now as above.

Open Ribbon 28 resize at 30% then copy and paste on the top
Open Flowers 38 resize at 30 then copy and paste around the bottom circle.
Open Butterfly 18 resize at 20% then copy and paste around the Tube
The last Element I chose the Little Girl resized at 30%
You can now Merge all visible

Add Copyrights to your Tag
Save as PNG:
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

This Tutorial was written with PSP 9
Written by Shazladyuk 2011
((This Tutorial is Written By Me Any Resemblence to any other is purely Coincidental.))


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