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Supplies Needed:

I have Used the Beautiful Artwork of Barbara Jensen you can buy her Tubes at Eroticartistgallery
Make sure you have a Valid License to use her Tubes
Scrapkit is PTU Called Frostee you can buy this Lovely Kit at Dreams-N-Digital
Designers Website is Addictive Pleasures Thanks Tamie
Template 10 you can download free from Addictive Templates
under Xmas Temps 6-10

Lets Begin

Open the Template
Duplicate Shift +D then close original
Delete the top layer and also if you want a transparent background then delete the Bottom layer

Highlight the Circle grab your magic wand then click inside the circle till you have
marching ants then open paper 4 then copy and paste into selection then select none

Highlight Rectangle do as above but use paper 12 instead.

Highlight the Oval do as above but use the Background paper 

You can leave the rest of the Template as it is

Open Tube of choice and highlight the square at the bottom
copy and paste your Tube as new layer delete anything hanging over the square

Highlight the other square grab magic wand click till you have the ants again
Open the stars then copy and paste into selection select none

Copy and paste your tube again as I have

Decorate with any Elements you choose.

I chose the Lantern resize at 50%

Bow and Holly 50%

Candycane 2 resized at 70%

Bow 3 resize at 50%

You can now merge all visible if you dont want to Animate..

Add all Copyrights to your work

Save as PNG


Cross out everything in the layers palette till you are left with the Oval background and glitter oval
then Edit and Copy Merged
carry over to Animation Shop
Open any Snow you have and Duplicate the Oval the same as the snow frames

so if the snow has 4 in the animation then duplicate the oval 4 times

select all on the snow then copy and paste into selection of the oval frames

Go back to paint shop 
cross out the ones you left open then open the rest in the layers palette

Now Edit Copy Merge
carry over to animation and do as before
Line it up when you place it on the oval frames then View

Save as GIF:

Written By Shazladyuk in 2011
Written in PSP 9

((This Tutorial is Written By Me Any Resemblence to any other is purely Coincidental.))


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