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Supplies Needed:

I am using the Beautiful Artwork of Very Many you can buy this tube HERE
The Scrapkit is PTU  Called Emo Love you can buy from Dreams -N-Digital
Designers Website is Addictive Pleasures Thanks Tamie
Template 91 you can download from Addictivetemplates.

Lets Get Started:

Open the Template duplicate Shift+D then close original
Delete the top layer
you can add white background if you choose to...

Open the scrapkit and then open papers 2...8--11----7 and shrink for now

You can add the papers anywhere you like in the template or copy where I have put mine

Highlight Raster 3 in layers palette go to selections select all float defloat
then copy and paste paper 2 into selection then select none

Highlight raster 2 do as above but use paper 8 select none

Highlight raster 5 do as above but use paper 11 then select none

Highlight raster 8 do as above but use paper 7 select none

Highlight Raster 1 and open your choice of tube then copy and paste
the part you want as new layer then go to selections invert delete
Change the Blend mode to Luminance L

Do the same in raster 6 but do not change the coloring

Then copy the tube again as I have
drop shadow the tube at  5 5 50 5 black

Highlight raster 14 and flood fill  a color from your tube
leave the others as they are.

You can change the emo and circles color from tube also as I have.

Once everything is covered we can now merge all visible

Drop Shadow as above

Open Elements of choice or copy mine below

Letter 60% place as you wish
Bear 60% place as you wish
Bow 2 60% place as you wish
Heart 4 60% place as you wish
Love 2 60% place as you wish

All on new layer then drop shadow as before
merge all visible

Add all copyrights to your work

Written by sharonstutorials 2012
Done in PSP 9

Save as PNG:

((This Tutorial is Written By Me Any Resemblence to any other is purely Coincidental.))


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